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"Creativity is the result of practice" Phil Cousineau

How true is this quote!

I have been in the millinery business for over 25 years. Learning how to make a hat from start to finish from the very best in the trade.

It all started by complete accident really. I worked in an office and loved to do hand crafts at home, knitting, cross stitch, card making, etc. My life took a complete swerve as I lost someone very dear to me. It completely threw me, I won't lie. Then a job opportunity that I would never have considered came up, working in a hat factory. I attended the interview and as you can guess, the rest is history.

Making hats gave me so much. I enjoyed the whole process of designing, sourcing, creating and making and have done ever since.

Every single day, I learn something new and know that by continually practicing, my creativity gets better and better!

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